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Fire Cracker by sassyseraph
Fire Cracker
Several years old. Was playing in sai and ended up with lineless style pony. I also went a little overboard with the cutie mark (Just meant to be a firework). 

Meet Fire Cracker

Pyrotechnics specialist. 
Raised in Canterlot. Mother was a teacher at the School for Gifted Unicorns and father was a member of the guard so both were a bit disappointed when their daughter had more trouble with her magic than either of them had. Often things would explode when she attempted to lift them as a filly. However, with some significant amount of tutoring, she got some control, but the explosions are still easier for her to accomplish, so she works as a member of a pyrotechnic team to shoot fireworks at major royal ceremonies, such as the royal wedding. 

Some notes, I know I went a tad overboard on the cutie mark. It was meant to be a firework and, well, I over did it on number of colors and it looks like a giant mess now. 

The lack of eye whites is stylistic, they'd exist on a base or otherwise normal looking pony.

Mane is also more stylistic in the way it's done, with lots of strings of color rather than blocks.
So everything that's on here isn't everything I've done. This is all stuff since I got my new laptop about a month ago. Not quite. Anyway, if you want a more complete view of my work, try… my photobucket. There's stuff for me, stuff for others. In total I think there's about 150 images on there. Everything on here is also there, but there is other stuff that I'm too lazy to transfer over to here.

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